Limco Engineering Inc. is a pre-eminent Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing service provider in the Caribbean and Florida. The conceptualization of the company derived from the need for infrastructural advancements in varying countries. The company also provides alternative energy designs, fire protection and prevention designs accompanied by a team that has expert knowledge of international standards, and boast years of experience.

Limco's market consists of residential, private sector and government property owners and occupants needing an improved quality of life for their families, employees and clients. Specific segments include entrepreneurs, large home owners, developers, schools, government offices and hospitals.

Limco Engineering Inc. has built a reputation of professionalism and reliability that has made us stand out to our clients and colleagues. We have delved in many countries and in all industries.

Our Vision

We envision a full service engineering firm that operates locally with global standards and professionalism.

Our Mission

We are striving to change the world through innovative solutions of the highest quality that satisfy the needs and contribute value to our clients.

The Leaders of Limco

Limco Engineering's knowledgeable, technologically enclined and expertly trained staff is spear-headed by:


Courtney Currie, PE

President& CEO


Michele Scott, MSc